About Me

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kanan Pandya, and I’m a passionate handmade card maker, blogger, and seller. Crafting has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid, and I’ve always loved making beautiful cards.
That’s why I decided to start my own blog and online shop. From the basics to more advanced techniques, I love sharing my knowledge and inspiration with my followers. Anyone aspiring to learn card making should find my blog resourceful.
But I’m not just a blogger and seller. I also teach card making workshops and classes in my community, which I absolutely love doing. Sharing my passion for card making and helping others develop their skills is so rewarding for me.
When I’m not making cards, blogging, or teaching, you can find me exploring new places, trying out different cuisines, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series. I’m an adventurer at heart and love to try new things, whether it’s a daring recipe or a new crafting technique.
Overall, I’m a fun-loving, energetic person who is passionate about creating beautiful things and helping others do the same. Ultimately, my goal is to spread happiness and creativity through my cards, blog, and workshops. Life is too short to not embrace your passions, and I’m grateful every day to have found mine. So join me on this journey of creativity, fun, and laughter – let’s make something beautiful together!

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