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🎉💌 Let’s get this party started, folks! Get ready for a whirlwind of joy, colors, and adorable critters. We’re about to craft the most fun-filled birthday card ever! 🥳🎈

🌟🖌️ In this tutorial, we’ll be diving into the magical world of card-making, using delightful clear stamps from Hello Bluebird’s “Cake Time” and “Party Pals” sets. These stamps are sure to bring a smile to your face and ignite your creative spark! 🎂🎉

✨🎨 So grab your favorite white smooth cardstock, your trusty Mono Multi Media glue, and let’s begin our creative journey step by step:

Techniques you’ll learn

  1. Stamping: Discover the art of stamping as we bring the adorable critters from the “Cake Time” set to life on your card base. Learn how to achieve crisp and clean stamped images that set the stage for the party.
  2. Coloring with Pencils: Grab your Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and dive into the world of coloring. Unlock the secrets of blending, shading, and adding depth to your critters, making them burst with personality.
  3. Creating a Brush Stroke Background: Explore the magic of creating a dynamic and colorful background using a vintage Hero Arts stamp from the “Story Telling” collection and the vibrant hues of Distress Oxide Inks. Learn how to achieve captivating brush strokes that enhance the overall look of your card.
  4. Color Selection: Delve into the art of color selection and discover how to choose the perfect palette to match the joyful spirit of the critters. Learn the tricks to create harmonious and eye-catching color combinations that make your card pop.
  5. Adhering Elements: Master the art of adhering your stamped and colored critters onto the brush stroke background. Learn how to arrange them strategically, creating a visually pleasing composition that captures the essence of the celebration.


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  • Clear Stamps:
    • “Cake Time” by Hello Bluebird
    • “Party Parade” by Hello Bluebird
  • Hero Arts stamp from the “Story Telling” collection
  • Glue – Mono Multi Media by American Tombow
  • Cardstock – White Smooth

Step-by-step Instructions

🎈 Step 1: Stamp the charming images from the “Cake Time” set onto a white card base. Let those adorable critters take center stage and set the tone for this festive celebration.

🖍️ Step 2: It’s time to bring these critters to life with a burst of vibrant colors! Grab your Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and color away. Let your imagination run wild and make these little cuties truly shine!

🌈 Step 3: Let’s create a stunning brush stroke background using a vintage Hero Arts stamp from the “Story Telling” collection and some fabulous Distress Oxide Inks. This backdrop will add an extra touch of magic and set the perfect stage for our critter party.

🎨 Step 4: Now, it’s time to add those happy colors to the mix! Choose a palette that matches your festive spirit and bring out the playful essence of these critters. Let their personalities shine through your artistic choices.

✨ Step 5: With the colored images in hand, it’s time to adhere them onto the brush stroke background. Arrange them in a way that exudes pure happiness and joy. This card is all about spreading smiles and creating a memorable experience.

💖 Step 6: Can you hear the cheers and laughter? That’s because this card screams happiness and will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. Mission accomplished!

🎉 Step 7: And voilà! Our super cute and super CAS (Clean and Simple) card is ready to dazzle the lucky recipient. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating a masterpiece that radiates joy and love. Hooray!

💌💕 Now it’s time to spread the love and share this delightful card with someone special. Whether it’s a birthday, a celebration with friends, or just a simple gesture of affection, this card is perfect for making someone’s day brighter.

    For more inspiration and crafting ideas, be sure to visit our blog at Happy crafting, my fellow party enthusiasts! 🎉🎂🎈

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