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Maria Sabina

I’m Maria Sabina, a young lady in her 30’s from Romania who loves papercrafting, sewing, and other crafts. My interest in these activities gradually evolved into a hobby and eventually a passion, bringing numerous positive experiences and opportunities.

My papercraft journey began in 2009 after completing my studies in Fine Arts and Photography. As a creative spirit, it was only natural for me to explore other avenues to express myself. While working abroad in Spain, I purchased my first basic craft materials. Sharing my work online and participating in challenges led to collaborations with companies such as Tonic Studios, Sizzix, My Sweet Petunia, Whimsy Stamps, Stampotique, and more. My work has been featured in magazines like Craft Stamper, Docrafts Creativity, and ART Specially.

These opportunities have allowed me to experiment with new products, techniques, and styles. I enjoy challenges, but I also appreciate the freedom to create anything I desire, as long as it involves stamping, die-cutting, and coloring.

Creating handmade crafts is not only a therapeutic way to unwind after a long, stressful day, but it also brings joy when witnessing the reactions of those who receive your lovingly crafted creations.

When I’m not crafting, you can find me in the kitchen baking or cooking. I enjoy ending my day by watching period films, lighting a candle, and sipping a nice cup of tea.

If I’ve caught your attention, you’re welcome to explore more of my work on my blog or Instagram.

Hello everyone,

Introducing the mesmerizing card from Maria, where greatness comes to life through delicate strokes of watercolor and masking techniques. As a passionate admirer, I cannot help but fall in love with the captivating beauty and heartfelt emotions that her creations evoke. Inspired by the artistry of Maria, a talented artist who pours her soul into each masterpiece, I am continually inspired to spread love and hugs through the power of her exquisite cards.

Be sure to give her a follow (links below) and show some love in the comments! And tell us, what did you think of this incredible piece of art? Which technique or element did you like the most?

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