Safe Travels

Presenting to you all one of the most adorable piece of creative by Deekshita. Be sure to give her a follow (links below) and show some love in the comments! And tell us, what did you think of this incredible piece of a…

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Blooming Wonders: Celebrating You

Step right up and prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary talent of Anushree as she presents a mesmerizing handmade card adorned with vibrant, colorful flowers set against a pristine white background. This card is a t…

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CAS -If friends were flowers I would pick you

Today, we have a delightful creation by Asa that will make your heart bloom with joy. Get ready to be enchanted by a beautiful clean and simple card featuring the heartfelt sentiment, “If friends were flowers, I w…

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Wishing Thank you – Clean and Simple Butterfly Card

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible talent of Hannelie! Today, we have an absolute treat for you—a stunning clean and simple butterfly card that will leave you speechless. Using dry embossing and faux embossing…

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Double-slider Birthday Card

Jasleen Kaur, your fantastic creations has always been a source of inspiration for us. Thank you for being a guest designer on my website. The way you have carefully crafted every element of the Double-slider Birthday C…

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Beautiful floral die cut and embossing techniques

Hello everyone, I’m thrilled to present Kailash’s wonderful creation. Our friendship goes back close to 10 years now since we met through Flickr group. I love her card making style and versatility with flora…

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Beautiful and Colorful Gift Tags: Exemplary Stamping and Watercoloring Techniques

Hello everyone, Welcome to Anila’s Bookmarks – where imagination meets craftsmanship, and every page-turn becomes a magical journey. 📚✨Learn to create your own set of colorful gift tags using …

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Love & Hugs : Effortless Watercolor and masking

Hello everyone, Introducing the mesmerizing card from Maria, where greatness comes to life through delicate strokes of watercolor and masking techniques. As a passionate admirer, I cannot help but fall in love with the …

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Crafting Whimsical Wonders: Join the ‘Hunny Bunny’ Adventure

Hello everyone, Step into a realm of whimsy and creativity as we embark on a captivating card design by Anita. Prepare to be enchanted by the delightful world of “Hunny Bunny” and friends, where cuteness kno…

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Crafted Elegance: Tea Time Treasures

Hello everyone, Welcome to the charming world of tea and creativity! Get ready to embark on a delightful journey as Ishani unveils a handmade card design inspired by the timeless beauty of teapots. In this blog post, sh…

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