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SathyaKala Sankaran

I’m SathyaKala, a qualified Toxicologist and a passionate Papercraft Enthusiast!

After spending 12 years as an expatriate, I’ve recently returned to my hometown Chennai, India. I’ve had a love for art forms since childhood and have been blogging and crafting for over 12 years now.

I enjoy dabbling in various mediums such as Quilling, Cardmaking, Stamping, Mixed Media, Altered Art, Water Coloring, and Calligraphy. Last year, I discovered Procreate, a digital illustration application on the iPad, and have been smitten with it ever since!

Learning new art forms keeps my mind fresh and inventive, and I find that one passion often crosses over to the next, giving a unique spin to my creations. I’m excited to share my artistic journey and inspire fellow card makers through my exclusive feature on our ifeelglee.com!

Stay tuned for some creative inspiration coming your way!

Hello Everyone,

It’s finally here – the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Our latest card feature post is a true masterpiece, thanks to the incredible talent of Sathya and her stunning handmade card. With bold colors, intricate details, and a heartfelt message, this card is a true work of art. Get ready to be inspired and amazed as we take a closer look at Sathya’s process and learn how she created this beauty.

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