Yippieee….arrival of first baby.

Hello all, you must be knowing that there were 5 eggs in my hanging plant you can see the picture here.

Guess what, the first egg has hatched today, I am so so happy.
I have few pictures to share with you all. 🙂

Ain’t it cute? he looks so delicate with baby pink color. My joy no bounds on arrival of him, It’s been more than 15 days the eggs were there in the nest and I was scared that some thing is wrong because when I researched on Google about the process, it was mentioned  that the hatching time would be somewhere around 10-14 days so I was little worried. Aaahh but now I am super happy. Good start for the day. 🙂

Hope this picture will make you happy too. 🙂

Thank you for checking out my post. 🙂

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